The Survey says…

A friend posted a Questionnaire on Facebook. I never copy and paste anything on FB. Therefore, I copied and pasted to my blog, instead. Here are the questions and answers for this one (Thanks, Sonja)

Q: How old are you?

65, and trust me, the only perk I really enjoy is getting a discount at the movies. Early-bird specials? Uh, no thanks.

Q: Surgeries?

Four. One to fix the knee I broke when I was ten (still have a huge scar) and the other three to fix the plumbing.

Q: Tattoos?

Zero. Nada. Nobody approaches me with a needle unless it’s for a legitimate, medical purpose. (btw, when I went to see the doctor for my plantar fasciitis yesterday, he surprised me with a pneumonia shot)

Q: Ever hit a deer?

No. Almost hit a skunk once. Glad I missed out on that experience.

Q: Rode in an ambulance?

Yes. Let me just say we totaled the car and all of us limped away from it.

Q: Ice skated?

I’ve only roller skated and was a danger to everyone when I did it, including myself. Broke an elbow that the ER Doctor said was only a sprain. Three months later, when it was still bothering me and had healed back wrong, I found out how erroneous that diagnosis was.

Q: Rode a motorcycle?

Yes, but only as a passenger.

Q: Stayed in hospital?

Yep, several times. Last time I had double pneumonia. Have no urge to do THAT again.

Q: Last phone call?

Husband—after 46 years of marriage, we STILL talk to each other. (we won’t discuss his hearing issues, however)

Q: Last text from?

Joe Scholes, about my plantar fasciitis. He’d never heard of it. (Lucky him)

Q: Watched someone actually die?

Not yet.

Q: Pepsi or Coke?

Neither. I hardly ever have a soft drink. Coffee is my caffeine of choice, with iced tea a close second. Frankly, anybody who stands between me and coffee in the morning may cause me to change my answer on the previous question.

Q: Favorite Pie?

Pumpkin, with chocolate close behind. Oh—and I need whipped cream with both, thanks.

Q: Favorite season?

Any season that doesn’t affect my allergies. Usually, all of them affect my allergies. The proper question should have been what is your LEAST favorite season?

Q: Broken bones?

Knee, elbow, toe. Knee was the only one properly repaired. Still can’t fully extend my right arm because of the elbow (ball joint) break. Toe? It just gets huffy if I discuss that incident.

Q: Received a Ticket?

Yes. (Hangs head in shame)

Q: Favorite color for clothes?

Black, but denim is also a favorite, which means I can disappear in almost any crowd.

Sunrise or sunset?

I’m usually more awake at sunset. I’m sure most sunrises are spectacular, too, but drinking coffee while bleary-eyed doesn’t do it justice.

Q: Ocean or mountain?

Ocean, hands down. The sound of the waves is a natural anti-anxiety medication.

Connie out–