Bearcat loved chicken (in any form) and bacon. That meant anytime we had chicken for dinner (or bacon in anything) he would sit next to my chair, waiting for any bits of bacon or chicken to come his way—accidentally or on purpose.

Your hair could be standing on end at this point (why would you give a cat people food?)

Well, he was twenty-two years old, and after he reached eighteen four years ago, I figured he could have anything he wanted.

When he was younger, he’d find a way to get to the highest point in any room and freak us out at times by jumping from a tall bookshelf onto our bed at night.

Oftentimes, too, we were allowed to pet him only a certain number of times before he was “done with petting,” and voiced (or bit) his opinion.

In other words, he was a C-A-T.

We loved him.

Last Saturday, after a short illness, he passed, and now there is a big, Bearcat-sized hole in our lives.

And, when your fur kid spends that much time with family, then he IS family, regardless of what anyone else thinks or says. You go the distance for them, just like you would any other well-loved family member.

And so, we grieve.

Unfortunately, that has also put a big hitch in my writing progress, and what that means is that Blood Alliance will be a month late getting out. The revised date for release is now October 25th. I hope you understand—I just need a little time.

Time to stop seeing him in the corner of my vision.

Time to stop thinking that I need to feed him, or give him a special treat.

Time to stop expecting him to announce every morning that it’s breakfast time and I should get on that right away.


Time to stop missing him so much.

Thank you for your patience at this time. It is greatly appreciated.