Flappy Bird, (or how I’ve discovered that every app and add-in hates one-drive)

Are you familiar with the game, Flappy Bird? I don’t think you can get it anymore. I happened to download that piece of frustration before the creator decided that he was done with the whole thing and withdrew it from the app store.

Therefore, I still have it on my iPad.

The thing about Flappy Bird and me? That poor, hapless bird has never gotten past the third obstacle before he takes a nosedive and dies.

Right there in front of my face.

None of this “well, you gave it a good run,” crap. No racked-up points. No badges won. Nope. Just dies. I can’t keep him in the air and send him through those little gaps between pipes or other obstacles, which in turn would extend his poor little digital bird life.

Nope (emphasis on the “P”).

And, as a person who loves birds in real life (please note that you’ll see an inordinate number of chickens I’ve posted on Facebook, in addition to cats) it breaks my heart to kill even a digital bird.

Which brings me to my own, real life version of Flappy Bird.

It happened yesterday.

I transferred the manuscript for the latest book to my Mac Book Pro, so I could format it in the little piece of heaven others call Vellum.

Vellum is awesome and worth every cent. The only drawback is that it will only work on a mac. Therefore, I have to send the manuscript to my Mac Book.


There’s this thing (status, condition, whatever) where, if you download what the Mac perceives as a corrupt file, it shows up but is grayed out, whereas all the other files are in color and waving at you, saying “Hi, I’m available!”

Not this one.

I went fifty rounds with this thing. Downloaded it several times. Saved it as different things.

No bueno.

I freaked.

More. Than. Once.

I went back to the pc (where the original file was) after three hours of working with the Mac, to format it in a less pretty, barely utilitarian version of a book that should have been quite lovely and matching the first book released in the series.

Once it was uploaded, I turned back to working out the problem. Spent another hour on it.


I finally looked (really looked) at the way it was saved (and where) at the beginning.


I re-saved the entire file as a word document. Yep, just plain old word. Then transferred it to the Mac.

Guess what?

No gray.

Loaded into Vellum like a dream. Was formatted in less than ten minutes, with all the pretty bells and whistles added in.


The less than pretty version was already grinding through Amazon’s gears, and you can’t get back in to do an update until that version is published and they turn on the options to make changes again.

Le sigh.

This morning, I got up, and the first thing I did upon finding the changes button active, was upload the nicer version. It’ll take time to get the update through the system, but eventually it should be available.

Le sigh.


Sorry about that. I was in my own, personal, Flappy Bird Hell yesterday. Sorry that you may have downloaded a suckier version of the book than I wanted you to have.

I need a drink and a do-over.

Connie out.

P.S. It looks like Flappy Bird can still be had–download at your own peril 🙂

P.P.S. The nicer version is now available. Yay!

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