Upcoming Changes

About three years ago, I made the decision to publish exclusively with Amazon to make use of their new (at the time) Kindle Unlimited program. Part of the agreement with Amazon when enrolling books in the KU program is that they have exclusive access to the books while they are enrolled. That required that I remove my books from the Barnes and Noble publishing outlet, Nook. As I recall, some fans were disappointed with this decision.

Good news! I have decided to again make my books available in other formats from other outlets; B&N, iBooks, Kobo, etc. However, this will require removing them from the KU program.

While this may disappoint some KU readers, please take heart. I haven’t forgotten you. When new titles are released, they will be enrolled in the KU program for a period of ninety days—the minimum amount of time books must remain in the program. That will give those of you who use the KU program plenty of time to read the new books as they are released.

Once the KU enrollment period expires, new titles will be made available in other formats across other platforms.

Some of my books have already dropped out of KU, as of the end of 2016. Others will drop out over the next two-and-a-half months, depending on when their most recent ninety-day enrollment period is over.

For the older books that have and will drop out of KU, those titles going forward will also be offered for sale on other sites—bn.com, kobo, iBooks, etc., because the readers using those platforms haven’t been able to buy my e-books for roughly three years.

Something else I did, too, is lower the prices on many of the older titles, to make them more affordable.

I am excited to be able to offer my books through multiple platforms. I’ll announce their availability over the next several months as I proceed.

Connie out.

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