Three Work Looks Everybody Needs

I get ads in my e-mail. Attempting to elude them is like dodging the wind when you walk outside—it ain’t gonna happen.

Every now and then, I’ll get ads from clothing companies, insisting that they have the “perfect work look” for me. When I check them out, I see “power dresses, power suits” or something that can go from work to nightclub, with photographs of models wearing said outfits. Models who have likely never worked an office job for years uncounted. Yeah, they’re all young and gorgeous, making me think “Wow, if I buy those clothes, I can look exactly like that!”



I have three styles of work outfits.

  1. Pajamas*
  2. t-shirt/sweat pants* (cold weather)
  3. t-shirt/crop pants* (warm weather)

*Some or all of those things may have coffee stains. Some or all of them may be several years old, with no retirement in sight. Some or all of those things include socks, because cold feet.

Yes, I’ve had jobs in the past that had some sort of dress code: office worker, college professor, retail manager, etc.

Sure, I was younger and better looking then.

None of those jobs made me even half as happy as my current job—where I dress however I want, slurp coffee whenever I want, and write whatever I want.

Nowadays, I spend more money on printer ink than on gas for my car—mostly because I only leave the house once a week. Maybe less.

I’m not saying this is for everybody. I’m not saying I don’t sweat the work or the deadlines, because I do. Some days, the words flow like water. Other days it’s a real battle to put even the smallest words on the page.

Why am I writing all this—and asking you to read it?

Because November is right around the corner.

Yep—November is NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month.

If you’ve ever had the dream—or the idea—of writing a book, then November is the month to do it. Why not get a head start and make an outline, now?

I know what you’ve heard before—nobody’s perfect on the first try.

Well, that’s true.

It doesn’t mean you can’t make it perfect—or as perfect as you possibly can. What I’m saying is this; November is for writing the book. The next few months are for cleaning it up, making revisions, editing and then doing all that again.

If you don’t believe me, ask Joe—my assistant.

He wrote his first draft in no time. Then, he went through many, many subsequent drafts, revisions and edits, just to get that first effort whipped into shape—good enough to publish. What he did is what every author does—he put the work into it.

Make the writing worthy of the story, in other words. The trick is to keep working at it and not quit. Most aspiring writers fail because they never finish the first draft. Think about that for a minute. November is the time to finish a first draft.

This November, don’t forget to vote—and write.

Also, remember that MindSighted, BlackWing Pirates Book One is now available on To read more about it, including a preview, visit my website,

I’m now working on The Rose Mark, Black Rose Sorceress Book One. This is exciting, because it is the first in a new series that has no connection to anything that has come before.

Connie out.

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  1. MindSighted is a great book! Well worth the time to read and enjoy :-).

    Writing is easy … it’s writing something worth reading that’s the trick … and you have that down pat.

    Remember … if you don’t vote, you can’t bitch; I love bitching too much to not vote.

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