It’s All My Fault

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00073]I want to start by saying just that–it’s my fault. The release date for Cloud Rebel is now officially May 16. Yes, there are reasons, but ultimately it all comes back to me.

No, I didn’t blow you off–I know you’re waiting patiently for the book, and I appreciate that more than I can ever say.

The truth is, the past two months have been tough ones. Some of you already know that in early March, my sister’s husband passed away unexpectedly, leaving all of us in shock. Shortly after that, my husband’s brother (the only family he has left) suffered a near-fatal heart attack.

Then I was infected with round one of the crud, complete with puking and—well, the other stuff, too.

TNEE in Vegas came next, which had been planned for a year in advance, and the recipe for deadline disruption was already in progress. (We had a follow-up scare during the signing in Vegas when hubby’s brother was taken to the hospital again).

Writing was going well when I got home again, until round two of the crud came along. I can point a finger with full confidence at hubby—he got it first and handed it straight to me. I’m still trying to get rid of the leftover cough and have seen the doctor twice this time.

Still, I feel guilty that I’m putting off the release for two-plus weeks, and I take complete responsibility for the delay. I hope you’re willing to stick with me; this one has been hard to write for many reasons.


On another note, Blood Wager will be offered as a free download on Amazon May 3rd-7th, and featured on Bookbub May 4th (May the fourth be with you). If you know anyone who hasn’t read it yet–hey, it’ll be free!

Anyway, here’s a Cloud Rebel snippet for you, while you wait:



We knew something was wrong. Katya was on edge all the time, which unsettled Sergei. Dr. Shaw did his best to calm both down, but he felt it, too.

Nathan said everything was under pressure—as if we were locked inside an airless space in which the breaths we drew felt like our last.

I couldn’t disagree with him—I wanted to talk in whispers, like someone was listening that shouldn’t be.

We hadn’t seen Cori or Val for more than two days. I didn’t know what to make of that, either, and wished for the trick she had of speaking mind-to-mind.

Bekzi—normally he and Gerrett were smiling or cheering up the rest of us. Both had succumbed to whatever this was. Neither could explain it, either. Whatever conversation they had, it was done mentally and the rest of us weren’t included.


Happy weekend, everybody.