Cloud Invasion Snippet for the Day

“I’ve never fired one of these before,” I said, as the rocket launcher appeared in my arms. “Give me a minute to download the instructions.”

“Download? What the hell are you talking about? Opal,” he huffed, “put that boy down and help Corinne.”

“I got this,” Opal patted a dazed Nathan’s shoulder and took the rocket launcher from my arms. It was just as well, I was handling it awkwardly and I knew it. I also wasn’t relishing the idea of shooting down two helicopters, even if they intended to kill us.

I ended up hanging onto Opal so she wouldn’t fall out the window as she leaned farther out than seemed safe, and fired the first rocket at an approaching helicopter.

Everybody heard it explode seconds later.

“I need another rocket,” Opal shouted at me.